Five Reasons to Move to Florida

The State That Has It All

By LandCentral

Relocating can be a time-consuming, stressful and sometimes exhausting process. It’s important that if you are going to relocate, especially long distance, make sure you do it for the right reasons. Whether you are looking for better weather, recreation, or just a pleasant change of scenery, Florida might be right for you. Here are just a few reasons to move to Florida:


Sunshine and Warm Weather

During the winter, a majority of the United States faces winter weather conditions, but that doesn’t happen in Florida. Florida maintains year-round warm temperatures, making your winter coat a thing of the past. Enjoy days in shorts, sandals and t-shirts while maintaining your beautiful tan year round.


Recreation Galore

With so many natural attractions, it would be nearly impossible for the adventurous, outdoor person to exhaust their recreational options. Natural springs, hidden underwater caves, subtropical wetlands and the Everglades are all short distances from anywhere in Florida. These can make for a wonderful day trip or longer excursions if you choose.


Disney World

Disney world is the nation’s top amusement park and it offers employment to so many Florida locals. Enjoy a day with the family in the amazing amusement park with dozens of the iconic Disney characters, or apply to being new career at one of the Disney’s various fields of employment.



There are seven states in the United States with no state income tax. Florida is one of those states, which means more money in your pocket. Let’s face it: everyone is happier when they are paying fewer taxes. Let your hard-earned dollars stay in your pocket.


Housing Market on the Rise

The home prices in Florida have been steadily increasing over the years. This is generating equity for homeowners. Homes in Jacksonville, Orlando, and Treasure Coast are in high demand, and the demand in many other areas is rising. It’s a good time to take advantage of the market and the home rates before they reach an all-time market high.

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