Land Flip

By LandCentral

So we’ve established that buying cheap land is a good thing, right? Before I move on, let me preface the previous statement with a bit of cautionary advice: beware the “amazingly cheap land.” As with anything in this world, you get what you pay for. If you see what appears to be a gorgeous plot along the Oregon Coast costing mere peanuts, you may be in for some unwelcome surprises post-purchase (see: poor road access or sewage issues). While getting an excellent deal on valuable land is the name of the game, always run a background check. Ask blunt questions and get the local opinion. What’s the soil like? Will irrigation be an issue? This is particularly important not only for planting a fertile garden, but for the foundation of the home you may want to build.

Okay, with that said, we can move on to a more exciting topic: flipping. This is a term used by those in the “biz” to mean turning something seemingly cheap into something worth some serious value.  Thinking of building on your newly purchased land? Interested in landscaping and DIY improvements? This could be a real opportunity to add some resale value and turn you a tidy profit. That is, if you’re considering selling once you’ve built. Many folks who buy land and flip their property into something truly marketable realize once they’ve built it, they love it too much to sell.  But with acreage at these prices, it’s hard to go wrong.

Check out some of the available properties for sale in Northern California. Who wouldn’t be interested in building along the Mendocino coastline? With low financing and the probability of a high resell rate, these plots are solid investments—not to mention the location is one of the most beautiful on the west coast. With breathtaking cliffs, seaside towns, world-class restaurants, and immediate access to highway 101, value meets opportunity. Dreams can come true…

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