Off-the-Grid: Cooking With a Campfire

By Josh Speiss



After the tent is up, the campsite is in order, and you have a nice fire going, what are you going to fix to fill your bellies? Here are a couple of simple, easy recipes to try out for your next camping trip. These three, tasty dishes are guaranteed to fill you up so you can slumber happily under the stars.

Foil Dinner


  1. Ground beef (½ pound)
  2. Carrots (1 cup chopped)
  3. Celery (1 cup chopped)
  4. Onions (chopped to taste)
  5. Potatoes (2 large chopped)
  6. Green peppers (chopped to taste)
  7. Salt and pepper (to taste)
  8. Cream of mushroom soup (1 can)
  9. Butter (to taste)
  10. Foil (2 sheets, 12 inches each)

Prep and Cooking:

Assemble the foil sheets in a double layer. Add ingredients to the center of the foil and fold packet to seal. Place the foil packet into the campfire on hot coals and let cook for 15-25 minutes. Watch out for steam when opening the foil, as it will be very hot. Let cool and enjoy this simple meal. Single servings per foil packet.


Chicken Hobo


  1. 4 large, boneless chicken breasts
  2. 5 medium potatoes (chopped)
  3. 2 cups of baby carrots
  4. 1 large onion (chopped)
  5. ½ cup of butter
  6. 1 pound of bacon
  7. Salt and pepper (to taste)
  8. Garlic (to taste)
  9. Foil (4 sheets, 12 inches each)

Prep and Cooking:

In a medium skillet over medium-to-high heat, cook the bacon, then chop and place aside. On foil sheets, place the carrots, potatoes and onion evenly throughout the four sheets. Place the chicken breasts over the vegetables, then sprinkle the chopped bacon atop the chicken. Last, top with butter and seasonings to taste then seal the foil tightly. Place the foil packets into the hot coals and cook for about 20 minutes. Make sure that the foil packets are placed upright. Cook until there are no longer pink juices flowing from the chicken. Use caution when opening the foil packets, as the steam will be hot. Cool and enjoy. Serves four people.


Banana Boats


  1. 1 banana (with peel still on)
  2. Chocolate chips (to taste)
  3. Peanut butter chips (to taste)
  4. Butterscotch chips (to taste)
  5. Coconut shavings (to taste)
  6. Mini marshmallows (to taste)
  7. Foil (1 sheet, 8-inches)

Prep and Cooking:

Slice the banana lengthwise along the top. Slightly split apart and place your favorite toppings listed above. Now wrap the banana in foil and place in fire. Cook it just long enough to get all the toppings nice and melted — about 3-4 minutes. Then open with caution as the steam will be hot. Cool and enjoy with a spoon.

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