Oregon Land Is Always In High Demand

By Courtney Hageman


Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest is one of the most diverse and breathtaking states in the United States.  From its snow-covered mountaintops to its breezy coastal shores, the state of Oregon features qualities that can dazzle and appeal to anyone and everyone!

Oregon is often dismissed because of its reputation for rain year-round. However, Oregonians will tell you that the rain is not what you should expect.  In fact, it’s more of a mist than a heavy downpour.  And best of all, the rain is the contributing factor to Oregon’s lush, green landscape and rich agriculture throughout the entire year, creating a vast outdoor wonderland.

The rain scarcely deters those living and visiting Oregon from enjoying its endless wonders and natural beauty.  It’s a rarity that Oregon properties stay on the real estate market; Oregon land is in high demand for land investors, farmers and those looking to settle down in the Pacific Northwest.


Outdoor Sanctuary


The sun is ample in the summertime. Summers are spent hiking along the abundant trails, kayaking in the Willamette, and fishing along the Columbia Gorge.

Winters are enjoyed skiing or snowboarding down the mountains, Mount Hood being a local favorite.  Snowshoeing and ice fishing are also popular activities for those looking to spend time outdoors.

The Oregon coast can be enjoyed throughout the year.  Many enjoy surfing in the crystal ocean water or sightseeing national landmarks, such as Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach or the Sea Lion Caves in Florence.




Although Oregon is commonly associated with its vast evergreen forests, farmland is abundant throughout the state.  Oregon is thick with berry orchards of all sorts, as well as hay farms and cattle ranches.  Oregon shares the same latitude as Burgundy, France, crediting it for its distinct grape crop used to make Pinot Noir.

Eastern Oregon consists of a mostly desert climate, providing a great location for a ranching lifestyle.  This couldn’t be better showcased than in the nationally popular town of Pendleton, famous for its cattle ranch atmosphere and wool mills.


Whether you’re seeking a peaceful retreat nestled in the tranquil evergreen forests, a Wild West cowboy lifestyle, or a relaxing coastal escape, Oregon is some of the most beautiful land to own.

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