How Easy Is It To Finance Vacant Land?

By Dave Knospe

Meet Jim.

His goal is to buy a piece of vacant land for $7,000. He has $600 saved up to pay upfront and a good credit score. It seems like it should be easy for Jim to find someone to finance his purchase of vacant land right? Not so fast. Check out the graphic below to see exactly what banks told us when we walked in as “Jim”.


Things didn’t work out so well for Jim when he tried traditional routes for financing his dream property. However, with LandCentral, he was pre-approved with no credit check financing, and he was able to finance his property at a fraction of the rate offered by the banks he visited. LandCentral knows how important it is to you to make it easy to finance vacant land, something the banks just don’t get. The banks hardly had any interest in listening to Jim’s dreams of owning vacant land. They would write bigger loans on things like houses so they can make more money, which didn’t help Jim. Even with their initial “No!” reaction, Jim was able to get a best-case scenario quote from them of a 50% down payment on his purchase. Who has that kind of money? By the time they threw the payment terms at Jim of a likely interest rate in the 20% range and things like balloon payments – it was clear that banks were not the way to buy vacant land – it was LandCentral for Jim.


Have you had a similar experience to the one Jim had? Let us know about it! Email us at or fill out the contact form! We love to hear about your experiences (with us and with banks) so we know how we can make your land buying process even easier. Hopefully Jim’s story will save you some time!

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