Tiny Homes

Is Tiny Living Right for You?

By LandCentral

Tiny Homes are still a hot ticket for people looking to downsize their lives and their financial commitments. And now with the ability to buy tiny homes through marketplaces like Amazon it is easier then ever! There are some factors to consider when trying to determine if a tiny home is part of your future. 

The cost of a tiny home can range anywhere from $8,000-$150,000. It’s typically less expensive to build a tiny home than to buy one, so research is key. Call various local builders to view their designs and costs. See if you have a long lost Uncle Stan or Aunt Betty who own their own toolbelt and like to get their hands dirty! It is also necessary to thoroughly research permitting and insurance for tiny homes as laws vary county to county across the States. Additionally, the cost per square foot can often be higher than in more traditional homes. Consolidation and customization to utilize all the space and create multi-usage space can be expensive. Weigh that against less maintenance, lower energy bills, and a smaller carbon footprint and the scales may tip more significantly one way or the other. 

With the average tiny house ranging in size from 100-400 square feet, there are some obvious adjustments required to make this lifestyle work for you. Living like a Lilliputian forces you to be creative with how you use your space and forces you to prioritize the importance of items in your life. Every space needs to serve more than one purpose so for creative souls, this can be a fantastic challenge. You can’t spell function without FUN!

Having the land for the tiny home to reside on (either temporarily or permanently) is often the biggest cost people neglect to factor in when investing in a tiny home. And for that, LandCentral can help. Do your research, invest in the perfect property for you, then the house will be perfect, whether it is tiny or standard. Once settled on the perfect property, you will make that house your home.

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