Types of Road Access

By Josh Speiss

You have scoured LandCentral.com and you’re thinking about buying a new property on LandCentral. However, you want to know more about road access and what it has to do with your future property purchase. Let this simple guide help you better understand what the different types of road access categories are.

The first category is legal access and actual road access together. This category will always be your best option, meaning that there is a deeded road to the property, and there is an actual road to the property. In terms of buying properties this is one of the greatest options in getting direct access to your property. Take a look below to see what this looks like on a plat map and satellite view overlay. Here you can see there is a platted road and an actual road to the outlined property.

Legal Access / Actual Road Access


The second category is legal access but no actual road access. Though this may seem like a negative situation, this is not necessarily a bad thing. A platted or deeded road to the property means that a road can be, or was supposed to be, constructed to the property; it just hasn’t been built yet. Take a look below. You can see that there is a platted or deeded road on the plat map but no actual road leading up to the outlined property.

Legal Access / No Actual Road Access


The final category is no legal access and no actual road access. This may seem like something to be avoided at all costs, but these types of situations should be viewed as potential investments. There are just some steps that must be followed in order to get access to the property. Through talking to adjacent landowners you may be able to reach an agreement on an easement to gain access to your property. This is most likely the best option, but it may come down to a real estate lawsuit to get access to your property. The reward outweighs the effort of these steps, because chances are you will purchase this property far below the market value. Once access is achieved your purchase will then be far more valuable than the original purchase price. Take a look at the example below of where there is no legal access or actual access to the outlined property.

No Legal Access / No Actual Road Access


These three types of road access categories are the three main groups LandCentral offers in our expansive and continuously updated inventory. All three have their own positives and negatives. While the perfect property may just be out of reach right now, with a little work it could be your dream land or sound financial investment.

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