Understanding Property Resources

By Josh Speiss

DCIM100GOPROYou found the perfect property, and now you’re looking into what you can do with it.

In addition to the land, your new property is full of resources. Trees, minerals, and water are all valuable assets. LandCentral will help you better understand each of them and how they can be beneficial. These are only a few examples; there may be several other types of resources not listed, from which you may be able to reap financial benefits as well.

Trees (Timber)

Owning a lot full of timber could be a huge financial gain. Timber is a booming industry, and more and more people with large parcels of land are opting to sell their timber. Timber can be replenished after harvests for enduring income. It is important to note that not all areas allow removal of timber. Be sure to check with your local planning office to understand the regulations and learn about the permitting process.


Having a parcel with a source of water offers many opportunities. It is a versatile resource.  Water can be used for your own use, agriculture, selling or bartering, or even to create a source of energy. However you look at it, water on your land is a huge benefit to owning property.

Minerals (Gold, Oil, Coal)

America is abundant in natural resources. The financial gains from finding and mining these minerals offer potential beyond your wildest dreams. However, it is imperative to ensure you control the actual mineral rights; they will be listed in your deed. Otherwise someone else may be able to have the minerals taken from under your feet.

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