Five Reasons Why LandCentral is Better than a Realtor

By LandCentral
  1. No Commissions

At you won’t pay realtor commissions. There also are no hidden fees involved in buying property from LandCentral. You’ll pay a one-time Document Fee up front, and that’s it. It’s easy to figure out exactly what you’ll have to pay, and when, for any property you are considering. When you add in our low down payments and easy-to-manage monthly payments, land ownership is more affordable than ever.


  1. paperwork_stressNo complicated paperwork

When you work with a Realtor, the paperwork can be overwhelming. You might have to sign contracts, settlements, closing statements, title affidavits, tax statements, credit check forms, waivers and a ton of other forms. And that doesn’t even include the huge number of mortgage documents, which are often confusing and time consuming. At, we only ask you to sign two documents: the Land Sale Contract (and this is usually e-signed when you check out) and the one-page Customer Profile Builder. Everything is in easy-to-understand language and we are happy to help you and answer any questions. With just two signatures, you are on your way to property ownership.


  1. No sellers backing out or changing terms

Have you ever made an offer on a house, a piece of land, or even an item on Craigslist, and then had the seller back out or ask for more money halfway through? You won’t ever have that problem when you buy from LandCentral. We own all the properties listed on our website, we guarantee a free and clear title, and once you pay your down payment, it is guaranteed that the price and the terms will never change. LandCentral doesn’t require credit checks, so you are automatically qualified to buy.


  1. ThreateningNo high-pressure tactics

Realtors like to make as high a commission as they can, so many realtors employ high-pressure tactics to convince you to buy more expensive properties. They might want to pressure you into an area you don’t want or a property you can’t afford, just to make a higher percentage. We never use high-pressure tactics at LandCentral. We sell hundreds of properties a year, and our employees are paid a flat salary, not a commission based on how much they sell. This means that we are committed to making sure you buy a property that is right for you.


  1. No limited offerings

Most realtors work in only a limited part of the country. Many focus on a single city, some might be able to work in their home state. currently offers properties in over 30 states across the country from Florida to Alaska. We have properties of all shapes and sizes, some within city limits and some in isolated rural areas. The variety of different locations can’t be matched.

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