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Land-In-ForeclosreWhat are the words that come to mind when you think about land in foreclosure?  Do you think cheap land or a good bargain?  Do you think there must be something wrong with it?  Do you think about the money you save, or the extra work you might have to do?

Most people who consider buying land in foreclosure think about all of these things.  Land in foreclosure can be a wonderful bargain and a way to buy cheap land you didn’t think you could afford.  It can also come with special challenges.

The best approach to investing in land in foreclosure is to look at properties that you would like to own, even if they were full price.  Don’t buy a piece of property in an area you hate just because it’s cheap.  Think about the part of the country where you would like to own land and what you would like to use it for, then see if you can find a piece of land in foreclosure that fits those needs.

At LandCentral, we typically offer land in foreclosure in the same variety of states that we offer our new properties.  We acquire land in foreclosure when customers close their existing accounts.  They can have many reasons for doing this:  their plans for the land might have changed or they might not be able to afford their payments anymore.  For whatever reason, we get the property back and offer it on our website at a reduced price.

Other than the reduced price and that someone else used to be making payments on it, the land in foreclosure on LandCentral is exactly the same as our new properties.  You can find large acreage pieces, small city lots, land in the desert, or land with trees.  Anything you are looking for can be found on our land in foreclosure page, as well as any of our other listings.

It’s easy to find land in foreclosure on LandCentral.  Just hit the “Advanced Search” button on our search page and check the box “Show Foreclosed Properties only.”  Once you do that, the only properties that will appear in your search will be land in foreclosure.

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