What do LandCentral and Crop Circles Have in Common

By Angela Tipton

In researching our last article about UFO’s, I came across some crop circle images that resembled LandCentral’s logo. Mind you, it was purely coincidental, but what a fascinating coincidence. Crop circles are patterns that appear in crops, such as corn, …

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Montana: And All Its Wonder

By LandCentral

For its immense size, Montana remains one of the West’s best-kept secrets: full of beautiful landscapes, rugged mountain ranges and rolling prairies. Whether you’re looking for a place to escape and lose yourself in the wildernesses, or if you want …

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Catching Dinner: All that Bass

By Josh Speiss

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice fisherman or an expert, you’ll enjoy the thrill of reeling in a bass. In our previous review of fishing, we explored fishing in four great states and found that bass was in each one. …

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Off the Grid: How do you make money?

By Matt Valzania

In most cases, it is difficult to make money solely by living off the grid. However, most people that live off the grid have far lower monthly expenditures than the typical homeowner. This is like making extra money because that …

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Gardening On Vacant Land

By Courtney Hageman

Adding value to your property can seem like a daunting and joyless task. Lots of advance planning and budgeting are required, followed by prep work, the actual work and maintaining the final result. But these projects don’t have to deplete …

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Farm on your land

How Can I Farm On My Land?

By Matt Valzania

Among the multitude of things you can do with a piece of property, farming is one that can be rewarding in many ways. Whether a landowner wants to plant crops or raise livestock, there are many ways to use a …

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