The tool every forestland owner should be using.


By Cam Clark

aff-header-logoAccording to the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), as many as 34 million acres of forestland could be lost in the United States during the next 50 years due to natural disasters and pest infestations. With the right information, you can keep your forestland bug, weed, and disease-free.

To help forestland owners, the American Forest Foundation developed the online resource with generous support from the USFS. offers a unique and specialized set of tools to help you find and use resources specially tailored to your forestland needs and goals.

Once you set up a MyLandPlan account, you will be able to:

  • Make a map of your land and mark special features such as trails, bodies of water, good picnic spots or places where you’re likely to see wildlife.
  • Set goals for your land, such as increasing the amount of wildlife or building trails and specific steps to accomplish them.
  • Access customized information about local government agencies, non-profits and businesses that can help.
  • Keep a journal to save your experiences and pictures, and then share those journal entries with your friends and family.
  • Connect with other forestland owners who can offer advice, ideas, inspiration and encouragement.
  • Gain access to educational materials that help you deal with pests, diseases and more.

Whether you own one acre or more than 1,000 acres, MyLandPlan is a great resource to help you explore ways to use your land and keep your land healthy.

To sign up for MyLandPlan go to If you have questions about MyLandPlan, contact the American Forest Foundation at

They also have some instructional videos about how to use the tools on the site at: 



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