How To Apply For A Street Address

By Courtney Hageman

Whether you are a first-time builder or you plan on living in a camper on vacant land, you will need to apply for a street address. Applications for street addresses need to be filed with the county where your property is located.

Importance Of Having An Address

A street address is needed for a variety of reasons. Some of the most important purposes include being able to specify your location for emergency services, register for utilities and receive mail.

Who Can Apply For a Street Address

Individual property owners, as well as building developers, can file for a street address with the county. You can apply for a street address if you plan to build a structure on the property or if you are installing a mailbox on vacant property.

Home-AddressWhen To Apply For A Street Address

Immediately after being granted permission to build a structure or mailbox by the county’s Planning and Zoning department you must apply for an address. In most instances, utility companies will not provide their services if a street address has not been assigned.

Where To Apply For A Street Address

The specific department dealing with addresses differs by county. Often times there is a Department of Public Works. Other possible departments to contact include Planning and Zoning, the County Assessor, or Recorder.

Information To Be Prepared To Provide

Helpful information to have ready when applying for your address includes your contact information, your property’s Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN), the name of the street your property resides on, if applicable, and the type of structure that will be on the property (i.e. single-family dwelling, apartment, or condominium complex).

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