Will LandCentral Buy My Property?

By Candice Armstrong

Will LandCentral.com buy my property? Though it pains us to say it since we want to help our customers with all of their land needs, the answer is “no”. LandCentral.com is unique as a seller of land because we own all of the properties on LandCentral.com and finance them in-house. This means we are not brokers and cannot sell land we do not own. The good news is there are several options available to you, and they are all worth exploring.

In the past when it came to selling real estate, most sellers listed their property with a realtor. There are advantages to listing your property with a realtor; however, if you are willing to sell the property on your own, you will save thousands of dollars! There are many options available to sellers looking to list and sell their property on their own.

The first step is to gather up all of the information about your property. The very basics of the property which you will need to advertise are:

  1. Size
  2. Parcel Number
  3. Legal Description
  4. Location – This could be a street address if you have already gone through the steps to have the county assign an address. Most vacant land does not have a street address because there is no structure built on it. In that case, you can simply use the latitude and longitude coordinates of the land and the county in which the land is located.
  5. Zoning Information
  6. Parcel Map

Some secondary pieces of information that you may want to advertise when selling your land are:

  1. Improvements you have made to the land, if any.
  2. General location information, such as proximity to nearby towns and cities and recreational areas.
  3. Pictures of the land – either ones you have taken yourself or ones from Google Earth Street View, if available.

Now it’s time to decide the important question, “For how much can I sell my property?” Start by doing research on the prices of nearby properties which have recently sold. Zillow.com and Trulia.com are both helpful websites. They show what is currently for sale in the area, as well as parcels that have recently sold. Don’t forget to take into consideration any improvements you have made to the land when comparing your land to other parcels for sale. Also study the area and if it’s growing or has grown since you originally purchased the property; this may make the property more valuable.

You can post your property in several different places at once to get better exposure. Here are several avenues to consider:

  1. LandWatch.com They will list your land on their website for a monthly fee.
  2. LandFlip.com Same concept as landwatch; they will list your land on their website for a monthly fee.
  3. Craigslist.com You can list your land as an ad on craigslist for free! The only drawback is you have to re-post your listing from week-to-week if it doesn’t sell right away.
  4. Post an ad the old fashioned way: in the local paper. Advertising the property in the paper where the land is located is your best bet.
  5. List the property with a real estate agent. This is the most expensive option, but with the expense you get their help and their knowledge of the real estate market.

If your land doesn’t sell right away, don’t get discouraged. Try switching up the wording in your listing or beefing up your ad with pictures of the land or of the general area. Land is a great investment for the long term or the short term. Best of luck!

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