Finding the Key to Landlocked Properties

By LandCentral

These days we seem to face challenges every time we turn the corner. COVID has forced all of us to rethink our priorities and to focus on staying safe at home. Feeling isolated and alone is a challenge. If the property you purchased is landlocked, you may feel even more isolated and alone as you truly can’t even access your property. Although we can’t help reunite you with your neighbors during COVID, we can help you navigate the challenges of landlocked properties. To break it down to the most simplest of Cliff’s Notes, we are here to help.

There are some pros and cons to landlocked properties. Let’s start with three pros:

  • Landlocked properties are typically incredible bargains. Because there may be a little more elbow grease needed to get these wheels in motion, often these properties are incredibly inexpensive.
  • A property with no legal access to it (landlocked) is simply another thing to check off the list – like setting up utilities or figuring out your septic system. If you approach it the way you should approach all aspects of developing your property, this is simply one more thing you will need to check off your list.
  • A property thought to be landlocked may in fact have an easement buried in the paperwork that allows road access. That means you actually do have access, you just need to find it.

Seems pretty simple and straightforward right? It often is. But for a little bit more of a challenge, let’s take a peek at three cons:

  • Back to easements – some properties that seem landlocked actually have an easement that transfers to the new owner. There are instances where the current deed does not reflect the easement so digging deeper may be required. From requesting a title report, to educating yourself about all the various types of easements that exist, this path has a lot of twists and turns and requires you to learn a lot of information about something seemingly so simple – creating a driveway.
  • Once you purchase your property and are ready to start developing it, sometimes pumping the brakes is required and that can put a big rain cloud over your dreams. Timelines will need to be pushed out, contractors may need to be canceled and rescheduled, and multiple conversations with the county, the contractors, the neighbors, etc. may take time you would rather spend fishing.
  • Patience and persistence may be necessary if there is no easement and less than accommodating adjacent neighbors. Although definitely not the ideal way to start a relationship, sometimes the only option is to hire an attorney and file a lawsuit in order to obtain the easement.

In the end, finding a landlocked property can ultimately result in forcing you to slow down, re-examine your goals and timelines and truly determine the steps you need to take to make your property accessible. Landlocked properties are not permanently locked – they are just keep safe until the right steps are take to open the door to your dreams. If you are feeling lost and confused, let us ease you into the right frame of mind. We have resources ready to share and want to give you the confidence to know that although landlocked properties may be a challenge, they are a speed bump not a brick wall.

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