Helpful Tip: Foreclosures Can Save you Money!

By Dave Knospe

Foreclosures are a great way to make instant equity on your purchase.  These properties are the same quality as all of the properties on

What is a foreclosed property?

Someone purchased a property then they stopped making their payments. foreclosed on the property.  We then put it on our website for the amount remaining on the loan, so you don’t have to pay what the previous owner already paid.  This often means savings in the thousands of dollars. So for a comparable property you’ll end up spending way less overall and your monthly payments will be lower each and every month.

Foreclosed properties are also a great deal because they don’t carry a standard document fee ($149). Since the document fee was paid when the property was purchased the first time around, there is no additional fee necessary when purchasing a foreclosure property. The $149 is usually due at the time of purchase, so these are savings you’ll feel right away!

What is the Cost to Bring Current?

The cost to bring current is in lieu of a down payment. It’s simply the amount that needs to be paid to bring the account “current”. What we mean by that is, once you pay the cost to bring current, the account is active again in your name and you can just start making monthly payments. All in all it’s a small amount to pay for all the equity you will get with foreclosures.

Where Can I Find Foreclosures?

It’s simple, really. Click here to view all of LandCentral’s available Forecloses in your search results. In less than a second you’ll have a full list of vacant land for sale that is available to purchase with no down payment, no credit check, and no closing costs.

When Are Foreclosures Released?

Foreclosures can be released at any time. So don’t wait on any that you like, LandCentral foreclosures are certainly in high demand!


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