How Do You Finance Land?

By Candice Armstrong

Get Ready For The Easiest Real Estate Transaction You Will Ever Have

Most real estate transactions are a headache.

If you have ever purchased a home or realtor-listed property (or know someone who has), you know exhausting process to finance land. Most traditional real estate transactions follow this process:

1. You first go to a mortgage broker to get pre-approved for a loan. Note: If you are buying vacant land, it’s almost impossible to get traditional financing. (See our article about how easy it is to finance vacant land.) The broker checks your credit score and report, and they tell you how much you are pre-approved to spend on the home or land. They request a mountain of documents from you (paystubs, bank statements, proof of employment, tax returns, etc.). They lock in your interest rate, for which you are charged, and then could charge you for again if you don’t meet the closing deadline and they have to re-lock the rate.

2. Once you are approved, you find a realtor with which to work. You look at several properties, and then decide to make an offer on one. Your realtor makes the offer, and you wait to hear back if it’s accepted. It’s not accepted, and the sellers counter. You counter their offer. If you are lucky, at this point they accept your offer. If you are not so lucky, there is more negotiation and a lot more time spent waiting.

3. Now you are back to dealing with your broker. They again request all of the documents you gave them in step one (paystubs, bank statements, proof of employment, tax returns, etc.), in addition to any other documents they may now need. They check your credit report to make sure nothing has changed depending on how much time has passed since step one.

4. Eventually it is time to sign. You go to the title company ready to sign. You feel happy until you get to the page with all of the itemized fees and closing costs; there are thousands of dollars in fees you are paying to your broker, the bank, your realtor, the listing agent and the title company.

Now let’s look at how to buy real estate from LandCentral.

1. You type into your browser and hit enter.

Red-approved2. You search the properties knowing you are pre-approved for financing and can purchase any property you wish. You may also choose to pay in full for your property.

3. You put your chosen property in the shopping cart and make the low down payment of $298.00. There are NO fees or closing costs, ever.

4. You fill out two forms; one of them is electronic.

5. A week after your purchase, you receive a professional investment portfolio to keep for your reference.

That’s it! You are a property owner all in a matter of hours or days, depending on your pace.


A month after your purchase, the first monthly payment is due. You make the same affordable payment each month and you can also pay off the property early with no pre-payment penalty. LandCentral also pays the taxes for you while you are financing the property. Your monthly payment includes the property taxes, so when the county tax bill is due we receive it and pay it for you. Once the property is paid in full, we write your deed and record it with the county. You do not need to fill out any paperwork or pay any fees.

As easy as the process is, you may still have additional questions; we would love the opportunity to answer them. You can always call us at 877-257-0231, email us at or chat with us while you are browsing on LandCentral. There is nothing holding you back, so get started today by visiting and searching for the property of your dreams.

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