What Will I Receive When I Purchase a Property?

By Cam Clark

At LandCentral, we want you to feel comfortable about your purchase and be excited about your new land investment! After purchasing a property from LandCentral we will mail you our “Property Investment Portfolio”, which contains all of the following documents.

Land Sale Contract

This document serves as proof of purchase for your property while under contract from LandCentral, and it contains a breakdown of your purchase information. If you choose our owner financing option, you will see every detail regarding financing of the property. If you choose to pay in full for a property, you will see the total amount you paid to purchase the property. This contract also shows the Terms and Conditions of purchasing a property from LandCentral.

Deed Instruction Sheet

We request that you complete this form and send it back to us. This sheet is used to write your property deed when the property is paid off, so it is important that you complete this sheet and return it to us.

Property Reference Sheet

This sheet will have all of the information you need to identify the property, including:

  • Assessor Parcel Number(APN)
  • Size
  • LandCentral Property Number
  • Approximate Dimensions and GPS Coordinates
  • Annual Tax Amount
  • Legal Description
  • Zoning

Driving Directions

We provide you with turn-by-turn direction to your property from the nearest city. It is normal for undeveloped property to not yet have an address assigned to it. We recommend that you use the GPS coordinates to help you find your property.

Plat Map

A plat map is provided in the county records. It is a great resource to help get an idea of where your property is located in relation to surrounding properties.

Tips for Visiting Your Property

We realize that buying land is new to a lot of our customers. For this reason, we do our best to provide you with any tools you may need – especially when going to visit your property. This sheet will provide you with tips and a checklist to use when you’re ready to go see your property.

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