Knowing Thy Neighbor

By Josh Speiss

wilsonYou never know when having a good neighbor could come in handy. In this day and age, it’s not unusual to keep one’s neighbors at arm’s length. In fact, many of you reading this might nod your head and admit that you don’t even know your neighbors’ names.

Getting to know your neighbor may be more beneficial than you think. What if your house catches fire, or if a stranger is trying to open a window? When everyone watches out for one another, we all sleep more soundly.

Breaking down those barriers doesn’t have to be hard. Your friends at LandCentral suggest these easy steps:

Be friendly

This may not seem hard on the surface, but for whatever reason, many people become antisocial when living next to another person. Maybe they’re worried about having to lend out their lawn mower or have to spend every day making small talk over the back fence. Reach out and go over and say hello when either you or they move in. You have no idea the connection you can make from that first impression.


Keep in touch

After reaching out to your neighbors, stay involved with them and their lives. If you have a level of trust, you can let them know when you’ll be out of town so that they can keep an eye out for you, and vice versa. Letting them know can save your property in the long run. Maybe they’ll offer to water the plants or feed your goldfish.


Offer a Helping Hand

You can’t always expect your neighbor to be the only one who helps you out. You always have to be willing to return the favor. Just being available to help them in a jam, or any other simple gesture, will build a stronger friendship between you and your neighbor.


Hang out

Don’t just learn your neighbor’s name — hang out with them. Having a barbecue or inviting them to your house party is a great way to establish a real friendship, or at least a good neighbor relationship. It’s something that can pay off big time when you least expect it, and need it most.

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