LandCentral Offers a Military Discount

By Matt Valzania

LandCentral understands the sacrifices that members of the military and their families go through in an effort to protect the freedoms we have as United States citizens. To honor these sacrifices, LandCentral makes it even easier for active members of the military and veterans to purchase land.

LandCentral offers a 4.7% interest rate with Autopay and a 6.7% interest rate without Autopay on all properties listed on its website, with no limit on the total number of properties you can buy (with a maximum of three, concurrent financing accounts).

Military-DiscountTo claim this special interest rate, first purchase your property of choice via the online shopping cart, as you would normally. After you complete the sale, send an email to and request the military discount. In this same email, please provide the following information:

If no longer active – include a copy of your DD214.

If currently active – include your social security number, birth date, last name, and a date for which you were on active duty (day of purchase will be the default date). This information will be verified via the DMDC records.

Terms: This special interest rate is for active duty and veterans of the five main branches of the armed forces: Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corp and Navy. The request and purchase must be made by the military member. The 4.7% rate is only effective while automatic payments remain active on the account. If the account loses its automatic payment status at any time, the rate will increase to a 6.7% rate.

Current LandCentral customers with active and inactive military status can refinance to a 4.7% interest rate with Autopay to lower their current payments. However, it will be effective from the date of request and will not be retroactive in any way.

Any and all discounts offered by LandCentral are at the sole discretion of LandCentral and its affiliates. For additional information or questions, email


Note: This special interest rate is not a part of the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (SSCRA). The SSCRA states that any customer engaged in financing and gets called to active duty AFTER the financing commenced, has the right to request a lower rate. Any financing that commences while on active duty does not apply. For more information visit

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