Meet Our Finance Manager, Candice

20th Anniversary Special Feature

By LandCentral

Candice-Team-PageCandice Armstrong, our finance manager at LandCentral, is a juggler.

Yes, she is adept at managing an assortment of tasks: helping customers with their loans, processing account openings and closures, writing and recording deeds, writing content for Land University, and other bookkeeping functions.

But Candice also is an honest-to-goodness juggler. “I learned in high school gym class,” she laughed. “My kids love it when I juggle their toys.”

Candice’s engaging personality and attention to detail caught our eye when she used to work at our bank. When she suddenly transferred to another job, our CEO sought her out and hired her to work with us at LandCentral.

“They were impressed with my customer service skills and thought I did my job very well,” she said. “Needless to say, I accepted the position and I have now been at LandCentral for almost 11 years.”

When Candice first joined LandCentral, we sold land through auctions. But during the economic downturn, we evolved and adapted our business to online vacant land sales. “We found our niche,” she said. “It works and I think it will keep working for our customers.”

Candice takes particular delight in helping our customers attain their goal of owning land. “I work to make it clear that we’re very flexible, and we try to work with them as much as we can — from the time they put their down payment to when they get their deed,” she said. “We get excited when people make their final payment.”

Some of the more interesting customer success stories she’s encountered include a landowner who elected to live off the grid, installing solar panels for electricity. Another customer found ceramic artifacts on their parcel. Most of all, she feels good when she can work with customers to help them with their payment options.

Candice is married and has two daughters, along with a small dog. They live just outside of Portland, Oregon. She enjoys cooking, baking and bringing treats into the office. She also enjoys reading, shopping and, of course, spending time with her family.

What does she find special about living in the Pacific Northwest?

“I like that from Portland you can be up in the mountains in about 45 minutes, or at the beach in an hour and a half,” Candice said. “Also, I can travel to Central Oregon’s high-desert country in just a couple of hours. Most of all, I love all the green, but I complain about the rain like everyone else.”

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