Three Great Resources For Land Investing

By Dave Knospe

We’ve created Land University to be the web’s most powerful educational resource for those who want to buy vacant land. Despite our best efforts, our website can’t be the ultimate encyclopedia of land investment information. There are many other great ways you can learn about the art of land investment. Some are good and others (blogs especially) are not so good.

Rather than wasting your time weeding through the good and bad, here are my top three resources for land investing, both electronic and paperback, that I recommend to any prospective land buyer.


Resources For Land Investing

Best-Land-BookFinding & Buying Your Place in the Country by Les & Carol Scher

This is a reissue of a book that was originally written back in the 70s, but many of the same principals hold true today. The original guide was commonly referred to as “the bible of buying rural property” and boasts a perfect 5 star rating on While the most recent version of the book was published back in 2000, before online land sales were commonplace, this classic is still an unbeatable resource.


Buying Rural Land in Texas by Dr. Charles E. Gilliland

Since so many of our readers are interested in land for sale in Texas, it’s only fitting that Dr. Gilliland’s book makes the list. Don’t be discouraged by his doctorate; this book is very accessible and will give you lots of great pointers as you prepare to embrace life as a Texan. Buying Rural Land in Texas is available both as an e-book and paperback.


Buying The Land To Live Your Dream by M.J. Antoniak (e-book)

This e-book is a fantastic read for anyone thinking about moving away from the city to a more peaceful, quieter country life. The book goes into some details that you won’t need to worry about when buying land from LandCentral, such as closing costs, realtors, and applying for loans. But, you can’t beat the price – for $5 it’s well worth the download.

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