Utilizing Your Utilities

By LandCentral

Buying your raw property is an exciting time – all hopes and dreams of this bare canvas can be exhilarating and overwhelming at the same time. It’s one thing to imagine your dream house with the perfect landscaping and the exact curbside appeal you are wanting. But it’s quite another thing to ensure everything is planned for and prepared on the front end before you even break ground on your amazing home. Let us help you maximize your time so you are able to make important decisions efficiently and confidently when it comes to one of the most important pieces of the home development puzzle – utilities.

Let There Be Light!

Getting electricity is one of the first things that must happen in your build. Unless you are choosing an off-grid life, connecting to the power grid is a high priority item. While you’re sipping a latte at your local coffeehouse, jump on their free WIFI and find the local power company for the new address and get that ball rolling right away. Be prepared to go through a list of questions that will require some prior decisions to be made. For more details and checklist of what to know before you call, read our blog: https://landcentral.local/land-university-blog/hook-power-grid/#.YACqyOhKjct

Where There is Water There is Life

As you prepare for life on your new homestead, having clean water is a must! Depending on where your property is located may dictate exactly what water options you have. A municipal water supply, which is often easy and inexpensive, may be the required route for you. Otherwise, where there is a well, there’s a way…or something along those lines. Digging a well may be the perfect answer if your property is in a rural area. Wells have specifications and requirements also so you will need to make sure to know your options before you start. To learn more about your water options, check out our blog: https://landcentral.local/land-university-blog/get-water-property/#.YACnJOhKjct

Getting Down to Business

When it comes to your bathroom business, there is no such thing as a “potty mouth”. It stinks to have to think about this, but it stinks even more if you don’t! And it may surprise you to learn that there are actually numerous ways to deal with waste. From municipal sewers, to composting toilets, you may learn that not only does everybody poop, but the process of setting up your waste disposal system is straight-forward and not at all unpleasant. Read more about this here: https://landcentral.local/land-university-blog/outhouses-are-out/#.YACu7ehKjct

What this all means is we’ve got you covered, from top to bottom! LandCentral is here to help you from the initial sales process, to helping you make your dream come true from planning to enjoying!

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