Wakulla County, Florida

County Spotlight

By LandCentral


Wakulla County sits on the sunny Florida’s Panhandle . As part of the Tallahassee Metropolitan Area, it is home to more than 32,000 residents. Wakulla County encompasses part of Apalachicola National Forest, Wakulla Springs and many historical sites.

Apalachicola National Forest is known for having nine hiking trails, which range from wet, boggy trails where you can see the Pitcher Plant prairies, to much drier and easier trails through pine forests. There are many lakes within the forest, some of which allow swimming, fishing and boating. In addition, horseback riding and camping are popular activities.

Wakulla County is famous for another natural attraction: Wakulla Springs. It is one of the world’s largest fresh-water springs and provides water its surrounding residents. The springs are located inside of the Wakulla Springs State Park, which protects the area in order to maintain the high quality of the groundwater, which feeds the springs.

The Wakulla Springs State Park offers many activities and learning experiences for the young and old. The springs have a swimming area and riverboat tours, while the rest of the park offers horseback riding trails, bird watching, picnic areas, snorkeling and beautiful nature trails. Another point of interest in the park is the Lodge at Wakulla Springs. This beautifully appointed building was erected in 1935 by a local financier, William Ball, who owned the land. He made sure to use only the best materials, which is why the lodge is in such beautiful shape for overnight guests today.

Wakulla County’s rich history is also notable. The Sopchoppy Train Depot was once a bustling hub bringing both passengers and goods along the Georgia, Florida and Alabama railroads. Built in 1893, the station served unloaded lumber, farm goods and even fish and oysters to Wakulla County. Today, the Sopchoppy Train Depot is the only depot still standing on the railroad line and serves as a museum. St. Marks Lighthouse is another historical and beautiful part of Wakulla County. Being the second to oldest lighthouse on the Gulf of Mexico, this beautiful beacon was built in 1831 to guide military and merchant ships.

Wakulla County is definitely a naturally beautiful place and holds many parts of America’s great history. Come visit Wakulla County, Florida, and discover if it’s the right fit for you.

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