How much do you know about land investing?

By Dave Knospe

How do you stack up against fellow land lovers? Take this quick quiz to see if you are a land investing expert! You will be surprised by some of the answers.

What Will I Receive When I Purchase a Property?

By Cam Clark

At LandCentral, we want you to feel comfortable about your purchase and be excited about your new land investment! After purchasing a property from LandCentral we will mail you our “Property Investment Portfolio”, which contains all of the following documents. …

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Options For Renting Out Your Property

By Matt Valzania

There are a whole host of things you can do with a property. One possibility that could help cover the bills, and maybe even generate a little income, is renting out your property. There are two types of rentals: a …

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A Guide To Understanding Land Contract Terms

By Candice Armstrong has made it possible for anyone to purchase land; everyone qualifies for easy financing. Finding the right property, at the right price, with affordable payments, has never been easier with the new and improved features on Despite the …

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Is Land a Tangible, Low Risk Investment?

By Candice Armstrong

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just getting started with building your investment portfolio, land ownership is something you should seriously consider. Is there some risk investing in land? Yes, but it is low. The risk is much lower …

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Land as an Alternative Investment

By Courtney Hageman

Have you been thinking about investing in land, but have no idea where to begin? Traditional investments, such as stocks, bonds and cash aren’t for everyone. The process can be daunting and confusing to outsiders, as well as pricey. Luckily there …

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Land Flip

By LandCentral

So we’ve established that buying cheap land is a good thing, right? Before I move on, let me preface the previous statement with a bit of cautionary advice: beware the “amazingly cheap land.” As with anything in this world, you …

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Is It Complicated to Invest in Land?

By LandCentral

There are no complicated concepts that investors need to understand with land. In fact, investing in land is extremely simple when compared with more traditional investments such as the stock market. It is just that there is an ever-increasing demand …

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