Land Financing Questions


Benefits of Owner Financing

By Candice Armstrong

What do most people do when they need money for a large purchase such as a car or home? In most cases, they try to get a loan from a bank or credit union. First the bank requires you to …

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payment past due

What Happens if I Miss a Payment

By Courtney Hageman

Everyone forgets a bill or goes over their budget every now and then. At LandCentral we try very hard to remind all of our customers about their monthly payments, and we work to help you catch up if you fall …

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How Do You Finance Land?

By Candice Armstrong

Get Ready For The Easiest Real Estate Transaction You Will Ever Have Most real estate transactions are a headache. If you have ever purchased a home or realtor-listed property (or know someone who has), you know exhausting process to finance land. Most …

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What Will I Receive When I Purchase a Property?

By Cam Clark

At LandCentral, we want you to feel comfortable about your purchase and be excited about your new land investment! After purchasing a property from LandCentral we will mail you our “Property Investment Portfolio”, which contains all of the following documents. …

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The LandCentral Title Transfer Process

By Candice Armstrong

Everyone looks forward to the day when they have paid off their land and have one less monthly payment to make. Besides the happiness you feel, you may also have many questions about how and when the property will be …

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A Guide To Understanding Land Contract Terms

By Candice Armstrong has made it possible for anyone to purchase land; everyone qualifies for easy financing. Finding the right property, at the right price, with affordable payments, has never been easier with the new and improved features on Despite the …

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No Credit Check Land For Sale Financing

By Sarah Pearson

Land ownership is a crucial part of achieving the American Dream. To make this dream a reality LandCentral is proud to offer cheap land for sale with no credit check to each and every one of our customers.  Considering how …

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