Cochise County

By LandCentral

Historic Cochise County, which sits in the southeast corner of Arizona, features quaint cities with a small-town feel. Towns such as Benson, Bisbee and Sierra Vista average temperatures 10 degrees cooler, and the weather and terrain are captivating. The county’s …

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Is This Real Life, or Am I in a Movie?

By Megan Smith

Although the world of Star Wars may seem like a galaxy far, far away, it’s actually a lot closer than you think. Whether you’re looking for an area such as the dry, barren Tatooine desert, or the sanctuary of the …

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Five Popular Snowbird Destinations

By Angela Tipton

Many northern folks enjoy migrating to warmer climates during long, dismal winters.  A popular term used for these residents is “snowbirds.”  They often nest for three months or more far from home, some place where shorts are worn year round …

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10 Interesting Facts About Arizona

By LandCentral

Have you thought about buying property in Arizona? Here are 10 Fun Facts that might convince you that Arizona is the place for you. 1. In 1968 Robert P. McCulloch Sr. purchased the original London Bridge after it had been …

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Buying Land In Arizona

By LandCentral

The State of Arizona is a great place to find cheap land for sale. Arizona is a large state, and the majority of the population is concentrated in the greater Phoenix area. This leaves millions of acres of vacant land …

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