Get to Know Trinity County, Texas

County in the Spotlight

By Candice Armstrong


Trinity County is just one of 254 Texas counties one might consider when researching land for sale in the Lone Star State. It has a wonderful, warm climate, trees and rivers, and great recreational opportunities, such as hunting and golfing. Use this guide to learn more about this county and to determine if it’s the right place for your land investment.


Trinity County is located in the far eastern part of the state. It’s a little over 100 miles from the Louisiana border and encompasses a 714 square-mile area.

County Seat

Its county seat is Groveton. Groveton is a small, friendly city with a population of around 1,100 people. Read more about Groveton here.


Although farming and timber were the booming industries in the early 1900s, today there isn’t any one, main driver of the economy. People work in a variety of fields, including sales and office administration, production, transportation, construction and maintenance. The median household income is $37,223, and the overall cost of living is well under the national average at 79 out of 100. The cost of housing is even lower at 47 out of 100.


Trinity County has a subtropical climate and experiences an average of 204 sunny days a year. However, there is still plenty of rainfall in Trinity. The national average is 37 inches of rain a year and Trinity County is above that with 45 inches per year.


The Trinity River forms the western boundary of the county and the Neches River forms the eastern boundary. The Davy Crockett National Forest contains more than 73,000 acres of timber in the northeastern region of the county, and the Livingston Reservoir is formed by the damming of the Trinity River in the south. Its terrain includes rolling hills and several creeks that drain from the surrounding rivers.


With all of the rivers and creeks, water-related activities are popular with residents and visitors. There is great opportunity to hunt deer, rabbits, squirrels, doves and quail in the Davy Crockett National Forest. Waterfowl hunting is available in Livingston Lake as well. Golf is another popular sport here with two great courses: the Lake Estates Golf Club and the Whispering Pines Golf Club.

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