Second & Third Stops on our Summer Road Trip – Pittsburgh, PA and New York, NY!

By LandCentral

The Landers leave Detroit and head east. After two days on the road, they spend some time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and New York, New York. In the City of Bridges and the Big Apple, the Landers won’t have enough time to do everything on their list. So they prioritize, then divide and conquer.

If Papa were to spend more time in New York, he would find himself in need of larger pants! Known for so many different, amazing foods, Papa indulges in everything. He refers to this guide to make his list.

Using grubstreet for his reference guide to find bagels, Papa starts off strong. He then also finds places to experience New York pizza, deli pastrami, and cheesecake. He could hibernate all winter after how much he fuels up!

Mama clearly fills her soul with the New York City arts and culture scene. With the obvious of Times Square and Broadway, Mama uses this guide to find other less obvious places to visit. Feeling overwhelmed seems natural when you are in a city like New York, but Mama finds herself right at home. As John Steinbeck once said, “Once you have lived in New York and it has become your home, no place else is good enough.”

Jack and Jill may have found their paradise as well. USA TODAY named Pittsburgh as one of the winners of the “Best City for Sports” travel award. Mixed in with the professional and collegiate teams in and around Pittsburgh, Jack and Jill decide to visit the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum.

After that, the pair decide to visit the Pittsburgh Indoor Sports Arena and see if they can catch a glimpse of one of the Steel City Roller Derby teams or maybe catch a game of Pickleball.

Sally and Sam start by visiting to determine how to map their day in Pittsburgh. After visiting a Farmer’s Market, they head off to try their hands at Lawn Bowling, grab a pick-up game of Dek Hockey, and then end hiking some of the beautiful trails.

The family meets back up for some well-needed sleep. It will be really difficult for the Landers family to top this stop but they are ready for sleep and then some driving and on to the next adventure!

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